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What Is Angular Contact Ball Bearing?

Angular contact ball bearings have an inner ring and an outer ring raceway, which are relative to each other in the direction of the bearing shaft. This means that these bearings are designed to accommodate combined loads, that is, to act on both radial and axial loads.

The axial bearing capacity of angular contact ball bearing increases with the increase of contact Angle. The contact Angle is defined as the Angle between the line connecting the contact point of the ball and the raceway in the radial plane along which the combined load is passed from one raceway to another, with the line perpendicular to the bearing shaft.

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Angular Contact Ball Bearing Advantages


Unique Structure

The shape of angular contact ball bearings is similar to that of deep groove ball bearings. One ring has only one rib and the other side is sloped. Unlike deep groove ball bearings, there are more steel balls in the cage and assembly.


The Speed Is Very High

The higher speed of angular contact ball bearings refers to the limit value that does not produce frictional heating that causes burns and can rotate continuously, which is higher than other types of bearings of the same size.


Two-Way Load

In addition to being able to bear radial loads, it can also bear larger unidirectional axial loads. Its axial load capacity is determined by the contact angle and increases with the increase of the contact angle.


Excellent Accuracy

During operation, the angular contact ball bearing can eliminate the internal clearance of the angular contact ball bearing due to the axial load after installation, which also relatively improves the rotation accuracy of the angular contact ball bearing.


Use In Pairs

Generally, angular contact ball bearings are used in pairs because the outer rings of a couple of bearings can be opposed; the wide end faces the wide end face, and the narrow end faces the narrow end face. In this way, the additional axial force can be avoided.


Good Rigidity

Due to the clearance of angular contact ball bearings, the inner and outer rings must move relative to each other under load, reducing the stiffness of the bearing. To reduce vibration, angular contact ball bearings are often installed with preload to eliminate the original clearance.

Angular Contact Ball Bearing Arrangement

Under load, a contact angle will naturally form, which can bear radial load and unidirectional axial load at the same time. The load bearing capacity changes with the size of the contact angle. The larger the contact angle, the greater the axial load capacity. The contact angle is divided into 15°, 30° and 40°.

Increase the number of steel balls to obtain better bearing strength. At the same time, a rib of the inner ring or outer ring is processed into a slope form. The separate type does not need to be locked, and the non-separated type must be designed with a certain amount of lock. Make sure not to fall apart. This kind of bearing is often used in high-speed operation places. In order to balance the axial force, paired installation is often used, so there are three forms of face-to-face, back-to-back and the same direction. With the advancement of science and technology and the different working conditions of the bearing, angular contact ball bearings have a variety of structural forms.

Pumps & Compressors

Electric Motors

Angular Contact Ball Bearing Uses

Angular contact ball bearings mainly bear larger unidirectional axial loads. The greater the contact angle, the greater the load-bearing capacity. The material of the cage is steel plate, brass or engineering plastic, and the forming method is stamping or turning, depending on the bearing form or use conditions.

It can support the work of the motor. The essence of support is to be able to bear the load in the corresponding direction. It can also be understood as it is used to fix the shaft. Another understanding is to fix the shaft so that it can only achieve rotation, while controlling its axial and radial movement. The motor cannot work at all without bearings. Because the shaft may move in any direction, the motor must only rotate when it is working.


How Does Angular Contact Ball Bearing Work?

The working of the angular contact ball bearing is simple. The bearing is made of two ring raceways; inner and outer ring raceways. The rolling elements are spherical balls packed in between the set of raceways.

In these bearings, there is an angle between balls and the raceways formed by the axis of the bearing. That angle is called Contact Angle, and it’s usually between 0 to 45 degrees.


Frequently Asked Questions

Three installation modes of angular contact ball bearings


angular contact ball bearing back to back

1. When back-to-back (the wide end faces of the two bearings are relative to each other) are installed, the contact Angle line of the bearing diffuses along the direction of the rotation axis, which can increase the radial and axial support Angle rigidity and the maximum anti-deformation ability;


angular contact ball bearing face to face arrangement

2. When the face-to-face (the narrow end faces of the two bearings are opposite) is installed, the contact Angle line of the bearing converges in the direction of the rotation axis, and the ground bearing Angle is less rigid. When the outer rings of the two bearings are pressed together, the original clearance of the outer ring is eliminated, and the preloading load of the bearing can be increased.


tandem installation

3. When installed in a series arrangement (the wide end faces of the two bearings are in one direction), the contact Angle lines of the bearings are in the same direction and parallel so that the two bearings can share the working load in the same direction. However, when using this type of installation, to ensure the axial stability of the installation, two pairs of bearings arranged in series must be installed opposite each other at both ends of the shaft.

Angular Contact Ball Bearing Installation/Angular Contact Ball Bearing Mounting

The service life of angular contact ball bearings has a great relationship with installation, and the following matters should be paid attention to:
1. Bearing installation should be carried out in a clean, dust-free room. The bearing should be carefully selected, and the spacer for the bearing should be ground.
2. The bearing should be cleaned before installation. When cleaning, the inner ring slope is upward, the hand is flexible, and there is no sense of stagnation.
3. Special tools should be used for bearing installation with uniform force, and knocking is strictly prohibited.
4. Bearing storage should be clean and ventilated, without corrosive gas, relative humidity should not exceed 65%, and long-term storage should be regular rust prevention.

Angular Contact Ball Bearing VS Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Structural differences:

Deep groove ball bearings and angular contact ball bearings with the same inside and outside diameters and widths have the same inner ring size and structure, while the outer ring size and structure are different:

1. Deep groove ball bearing has a double shoulder on both sides of the outer ring channel, while angular contact ball bearing generally has a single shoulder.

2. deep groove ball bearing outer ring groove curvature and angular contact ball is different; the latter is often greater than the former.

3. The difference between the outer ring groove position of the deep groove ball bearing and the angular contact ball bearing is that the specific value of the non-central position is considered in the design of the angular contact ball bearing, which is related to the degree of contact Angle.

Maintenance Method For Angular Contact Ball Bearings

1. When rotating the bearing quickly by hand, put the other end of the stick on the ear or the microphone of the audio amplifier to listen to the noise of the bearing rotation;
2. After fixing the bearing, move the rod laterally to check whether the bearing is worn and loosened.
3. Bearings with serious loosening, excessive rotation noise, and severe defects should be eliminated and replaced with the same type.
4. Take a bucket, melt proper grease with a gentle fire, and soak the tested bearing in the bucket until there is no bubble overflow. Take out the bearing before grease cooling; the residual grease is small. Take out the angular contact ball bearing after the grease is cooled and there is a large amount of residual grease. Determine the amount of residual grease according to the need.
5. Wipe the grease outside the bearing with a soft cloth or toilet paper and assemble the bearing on the pulley in its original state. The maintenance work is over.


Watching Angular Contact Ball Bearing Video

Angular Contact Ball Bearing Application

Angular contact ball bearings can be divided into two categories: single row angular contact ball bearings and double row angular contact ball bearings. The following details describe the primary uses of these two kinds of bearings in life.

1. Single row angular contact ball bearing: machine tool spindle, high-frequency motor, combustion steam turbine, centrifugal separator, small car front wheel, differential pinion shaft, booster pump, drilling platform, food machinery, dividing head, welding machine, low-noise type cooling tower, mechanical and electrical equipment, coating equipment, machine tool slot plate, arc welding machine.
2. Double row angular contact ball bearing, oil pump, roots blower, air compressor, all kinds of transmission, fuel injection pump, printing machinery, planetary reducer, extraction equipment, cycloid reducer, food packaging machinery, electric welding machine, electric, square box, gravity type spray gun, wire stripping machine, axle shaft equipment, chemical machinery, testing analysis.


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